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Using Kijiji to Save Time and Money

Kijiji is a Canadian classified web site that allows individuals to post items for free. This site is useful for those who are low on money, but still have all the ordinary needs we all have.

For many of us, both time and money are in short supply. At Richtig Haus, we value saving both! We have used Kijiji for years to find furniture, rescue animals and to sell off the items we no longer need. Here are some tips that we have used on the app version of Kijiji:

  1. Use “recent searches” to save time. When you touch the search box, a list of recent searches appears underneath. Use previous searches as a way of keeping on top of the items you are looking for. For example, if I am in the market for a ferret and a patio table, using recent searches allows me to check the list of such items quickly.
  2. Search Kijiji before going to the store. You can often find what you are looking for as either used or in new condition. Often, decorators and construction workers will offer up extra supplies for extremely reduced prices. On lucky days, what you are looking for may be free for pickup. This can save time and energy on comparative shopping in stores.
  3. Find hard to source items. At Richtig Haus we were in the market for dressers not made with particle board or that needed assembly. We wanted to find items made of wood. We got four: 2 free (3 drawers each + $35 on new hardware), 1 $30 (3 drawers and bottom cupboard +$24 on new hardware) and one for $40 (2 drawers and upper cupboard).  For $129, roughly the cost of a modern small cardboard and MDF unit, we acquired 4 functional items that are older than we are, and will likely last longer than we do.
  4. Offer your old items to generate capital. Other people like you are interested in saving time and money. Let them buy your old items so that they are no longer in your way! Kijiji allows you to create an ongoing garage sale style business without having to deal with pesky browsers.
  5. Recycle and save the planet! Purchasing used items on Kijiji unburdens the foreign manufacturing complex from creating another item for our consumers. This reduces shipping pollution and the overtaxing of landfills by used items.




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