Balance Act

I’m balancing on a wire suspended between two bridges. Far below, the canopy of ocean with its welcoming embrace waits, choked with plastic and wasted expectations. I lift one leg and my other leg tightens, austere and deprived of safety. Solely depended upon. Solely dependent on that feeling of threat and fear. The end is one misbalance away. Carefully I negotiate and internalize the struggle of a wire suspended between two bridges. On the one side, the bridge conforms to its environment of stone; on the other, it forks like tree branches into obscurity and darkness. The slant pulls me in the direction I do not want. The idea permeates the muscles and the senews of my leg as they flex to the rhythm of the ocean that would  swallow me if I would just let it. I could close my eyes – let go the suspicion, the questioning, the doubts – lean back into trust, and wait for the crash of water to bring me home.

Randy Edward Nicholas


Categories: Poetry

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