Download ‘Empathetic Viscera’ Free

Kyle Richtig has released his 2013 chapbook Empathetic Viscera for free digital download!

Empathetic Viscera is a collection of 24 of Kyle Richtig’s poems released in 2013. Unlike many of Richtig’s former work, Empathetic Viscera strips down the comedic and darker themes that permeate Richtig’s work.

Empathetic Viscera is a snapshot of the modern Canadian experience. Richtig sees this period of Canadian history as the search for ourselves. The modern Canada is in the process of incorporating traditions and peoples from around the world (DNA Speaks, Sameness Is A Myth), understanding and appreciating our environment (Boreal Forest, The St. Mary’s), and the disconnection from colonial Eurocentric ideology (The Search For God, The Chordates, Chemical Taste).

Richtig explores the Canadian identity from the inside (Peterborough Night I & II, The Land of We, To Dream), and reshapes it through his own lens. He begins the chapbook with the poem “Visitation”, which appears to serves as a warning for the reader – as though the thoughts inside should both challenge and haunt:

“When sky of morn
And sleep forlorn
Still can’t shake them from our heads.”

Download ‘Empathetic Viscera’ here!

Poems are as follows:

DNA Speaks
The Music
The Chordates
Chemical Taste
Peterborough Night
Just In Time
The Shortened Sight
Sameness Is A Myth
Peterborough Night II
To Dream
Elusive One
The Sea Is The Sky
Boreal Forest
February Morning
The St. Mary’s
The Land of We
Beautiful Tea Friend
The Search For God


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