It’s true
the steady rhythm
of the beating drum
counting heartbeats
and voices in the night.
That song of Utopia
slips away in the fog
a vision fleeted
by individualism.

Should there be violence
the victim stays the same
and the hatred poisons
even thoughtful minds.
Constant commercialized war
keeps the news in business
and fearful
in capitalism.

How else
should those comfortable
in privilege
stay so profitably
Entrenched in apathy
we fill highways
with time and thought
aimed at

It’s true
those who came before
would say
there’s nothing real
about this world.
Libraries filled
with solutions ignored
and silenced
like the voices
saved for posterity.

the faith came to save us
the beat of the drum
connected us
to everything.
Before then
we knew community
and family
and democracy
and love.

Now it’s a concert
on a stage
sponsored by Mastercard
and the curtain is due
to fall.
This act ended
another to take its place
when the lights
return us to darkness
to watch it all again.

Randy Edward Nicholas

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