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Brood X 3: Decadent Mansion

Decadent Mansion, Book 3 of the Brood X series has been released! Follow the continuing journey of Erebus and Eden as they find a place to stop and regroup.

Decadent Mansion

Decadent Mansion, Brood X Book 3

Decadent Mansion was the second part of the original short story Erebus & Eden. The story picks up on the road with Erebus, Eden, Alex and Säen, as they reach Salde. Salde holds two things, Gia, Eden’s ex-girlfriend, and her house – a place to stop and regroup after their journey.

Set in 1997, Decadent Mansion’s backdrop is the Victorian house and farm Gia inherited from her grandmother. The house serves as both prison and club house for the youths as they try to sort out the mess they have created for themselves. Where book one, Erebus & Eden, focuses more on the story of Erebus, Decadent Mansion’s eye moves toward the tortured Eden.

From the author:

The cover image of Decadent Mansion is from a house on Pim St. in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. My uncle owned this house in the 1980s, and it served as the setting (not in that location) in my mind. I lived in the house for a short time, and it had a mystery of its own for us as children. If you have been in this house, the upstairs turret room is Gia’s studio.







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