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Minimizing Termination in Interviews

Termination from employment is often shocking to employees, and creates its own set of personal issues. Beyond the personal ramifications, termination can also shed a poor light on an interview. Depending on the circumstances and length of service, loss of references and recommendations can be devastating. When dealing with termination, there are several ways to minimize the issue in an interview:

Short-term Employment

Short-term jobs that lasted less than a few months can be stricken from your résumé. These lost opportunities do not reflect poorly as it does not reflect a long absence from the employment world.

Termination Without Cause

Termination without cause is a fancy way of stating that the employer did not have a reason to terminate employment. As the “fault” of the end of employment does not lie with the employee, it is possible to explain this as changing focus on the side of the employer.

Termination With Cause

When there is cause to terminate an employee (i.e. absenteeism, disruptive behavior, etc.), it is best to best to be upfront, and reframe if asked: “I was let go because of absenteeism. I was often absent due to an illness that I have now recovered from. I understood that they couldn’t keep me on, however, I am now symptom free.”

Additional Tips

When there are items on your résumé that you would like to downplay, ensure you keep control of the interview. Steer the conversation toward positions that you excelled in. Use your research about the company to demonstrate your interest in the company and their environment. Do this once you have left your skills on a high note, to divert attention away from terminated jobs.

Termination from any position creates job seekers. Position yourself amongst the rest by showcasing your talents on your résumé and in your cover letter. In the interview ensure that the interviewers know about your skills, and minimize any issues related to past positions. Using these techniques should assist you in your endeavours!

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