Sketching Woman happened accidentally.


Woman by Kyle Richtig

Like most of my art, Woman, started as something and ended as another. I had planned to sketch a person with a humourous bubble above. Instead, it became somewhat of a feminine statement for myself. A synthesis of what I thought of as feminine.

Usually I start with the face when sketching an individual. In fact, faces tend to be more prevalent in my sketches than anything else. This time, I started with a placeholder (for lack of a better word) head, and continued on with the body. I found that while I was drawing, I was using three very specific models from my mind to create the image of woman.

What struck me as interesting after I finished the body, was that I was not using images of women from around me. These were three women from my past who had been influential. For those who know me personally, the women are (listed in the order of meeting), Danielle, Melissa and Ashleigh.

Instead of continuing on with my original idea, (often the case), I simply used the Hanji for woman. I realized that woman to me was not the shape of eyes, or how makeup may have been applied. I conceptualized woman as an amalgamation of some of the important women in my life.

As an interesting side note, I have a collage frame on my wall next to my desk. I have pictures of my friends from my early 20s in it. The only pictures I am in with other individuals are Danielle, Melissa and Ashleigh.


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