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How to Apply for Jobs in Canada

There are several major ways individuals secure employment in Canada. Interviews are customary for interviewers to select the right candidate. How one secures an interview with an organization may be different for every opportunity. Interviews are generally obtained through the submission of résumé, by phone or by visiting the location in person. Employment centres exist across Canada to assist job seekers in completing the necessary self-marketing documents to execute a successful search.

The walk-in.

This is generally reserved for entry level and labour related jobs. These are, however, not the only industries where it may work. When performing a walk-in inquiry for employment, ask for the manager or the individual responsible for hiring. Companies that entertain walk-in applicants will likely have an application form. Include your résumé with the application even if not requested. It may make the difference. When visiting companies in person, always dress as if you are going to an interview.

Responding to a job ad.

Job ads in Canada do not always request specific documents for application. As a rule, a résumé must be sent. Cover letters are not required for all applications, but allow for greater explanation of your employment history and your employment expectations. The job ad will indicate the method of submission. Methods of submission are generally made by e-mail, letter mail or by fax. In some cases application can be made directly through the company’s web site.

The cold call.

Cold calling to seek employment is similar to the walk-in. When a call is placed to a company, ask for the individual responsible for hiring. In larger organizations, it is more appropriate to ask for the human resources department. Cold calling allows the job seeker to contact more companies in a shorter time than visiting in person. By cold calling, it is possible to uncover opportunities before they are posted publically.

The résumé.

Research different résumé styles and find one that is appropriate to the industry in which you are searching. If a broad job search is underway, it is appropriate to have several different styles of résumé to submit. Accompanying documents such as cover letters, references and certifications are included to complete and application package. Always have a peer look over your résumé before it is submitted. This will avoid spelling mistakes and unclear information that may confuse a prospective employer.

Use these techniques to find work in Canada. Most employers prefer that an individual responds to a job ad if already posted. Stopping in to meet employers may be the best way to build your network, as well as find out if the work you are looking for is similar in Canada.



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