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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

I just checked out Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. I thought it was pretty good.

The beginning at the Washington White House I found a bit to cheesy. The destroying of the White House was designed so bad a five year old could do it. There were sharks that came through the roof and a wall opens up and sharks fly through as well. The wall was horribly designed.

Another part that is super cheesy is when Fin ( Ian Ziering) met with Nova (Cassie Scerbo) and out of nowhere half the road is covered with what’s supposed to be fog . However, it looks more like someone’s bar-b-que got out of hand. Two seconds later the storm’s so bad that Fin has to hold onto the car door to not fly away. A moment later you see a creepy masked person dressed in black come to the car, throw off their mask, and reveal new brunette Nova.

I also enjoyed the trip to space where they go to drop a torpedo from the sky to stop the Sharknado. After they drop the torpedo, sharks are blown up to space and one eats April (Tara Reid). While Fin is fighting sharks he uses his jet pack to fly into a sharks mouth. They start floating down from space and Fin cuts opens the shark and uses a parachute to safely get down. He gets to the beach and seconds later he hears a chainsaw. He goes over to this huge shark and you see this little human baby (shark-God) pop out and Fin grabs for April inside the shark. April gets out alive and well and they have this family moment as Claudia (Ryan Newman) and Nova arrive.

Fin and April decide to name the baby Gil after Fin’s dad Gilbert (David Hasselhoff). Fin realizes he lost the airplane wing pin his dad gave him for the baby. April sees it and goes to retrieve it. As she gets up everyone starts to scream and you see a piece of shuttle coming right at her. The movie ends with a message saying #Aprillives or #Aprildies you decide!

Final Verdict

I would rate Sharknado 3 my second or third favorite. I like all the movies, but this one I found a bit all over the place. One minute we were at NASA, Universal Studios, army camps, NASCAR race track. All were great moments but felt rushed. They made the sharks bigger but looked really unrealistic. You also find out the sharks eat birds and are freezing on the inside in the air while Nova, Lucas, and Fin are in the trailer talking.

I also respect and hate the decision April lives or dies because April is my favorite character. She’s corny and funny and makes the movies worth while as well as her screams. I love Tara Reid as an actress especially horror or spoof movies. However, I find Ian Zierings character boring and repetitious. I have seen the man go through a shark at least twice. It’s getting old, and not a huge fan of his acting to be honest. If he lives and April dies all I have to say is “9021NO”.

Some people have been saying the fourth one should be called “April’s revenge”. I think that’s a great decision and can also give writers an opportunity to make April even more badass with her chainsaw hand. Can’t wait to see what they do in Sharknado 4. Hopefully it comes out on my birthday like this one, and April gets to live.


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