This doodle was done during a particularly Marxist time at a job.

Employment doodle done by Kyle Richtig.

This doodle was done in approximately 2006 during a value struggle between myself and my employer. Looking back, this reminds me of something from a Shel Silverstein book. I was particularly fond of Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic as a child. I did not own the books myself, but was perennially checking them out of the school library.

In this doodle, I am represented as ‘The Worker’, forced to be the empty template wherein policy and best practices can be grafted before being devoured by ‘The Employer’. At the time I felt as if we were all locked in the coils of our employers – unable to separate ourselves from employment lest we perish. In terms of saving the physical body we must give up our soul.



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