Kyle Richtig Journal

Tortoise Time

I love spending time with our red foot tortoises Pax and Morla. They have an uncanny way of calming me down.

Pax is our male tortoise and is about three years old. He has lived at Richtig Haus since November 2013.

His female friend Morla is about 7 years old. She has lived at Richtig Haus since October 2014.

The tortoises love eating dandelions and plantain. They are incredibly inquisitive and enjoy making their way through the foliage. In the wild, red foot tortoises are known for their  recycling of fox feces. Here they smell out dog droppings like a pig to truffles.

That aside, Pax and Morla have brought a much needed calmness to Richtig Haus. Aud loves the tortoises too. In fact, she defends them like they are her puppies.

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