10 Signs Your Hag Is in Love with You

You likely have, or have had a hag if you are a gay man. There is a fine line that separates a female best friend from a hag. For best reference watch any episode of Will and Grace. The bond between gay man and hag is special, however, can become blurry. The following are my warning signs that your hag may be falling in love with you.

Everything you do is magic.

Good friends are supposed to be supportive of each other. Watch out if it seems like you can do no wrong. Even you know you make mistakes.

Your interests become her interests.

Good friends have similar interests. That’s usually what brings them together. Watch out when your friend’s apartment starts to look like yours.

She tells you stories about telling stories about you.

We all tell stories about our friends. If your friend tells you about how she is evangelizing the truth of your life. She may hold you on a higher pedestal than you might be comfortable with.

She tries to out do everyone else’s gifts for holidays and birthdays.

Extravagant gifts are not usually exchanged between friends. This is in especially poor taste when outdoing your partner. Remember that high-ticket price items come with strings.

She only talks smack about your boyfriend/partner.

Jealousy is a problem between hags and a gay man’s partner. She is a shoulder to cry on about your partner, but instead of helping you work through your problems, she will fan the flames. Watch for the hag that tries to connect all your problems to your partner.

She can’t wait for you to meet her parents.

Are you really jazzed to introduce your parents to your friends? Most of us are not. This is a major warning sign that she is trying to weave you into her “family”.

She tries to schedule family vacations/overnight trips.

A clever doe eyed hag will try to invite you on trips away from your partner. She may even try to involve your siblings or other family members to create her own personal illusions. Maybe if she gets you alone and the lighting is right, you’ll fall in love with her. Sure.

She assumes you will be her date for functions.

This is the type of behaviour that denotes a specific relationship that you don’t have. It’s one thing to assume your partner will attend the holiday party at your work. It is another to assume a friend will go without asking.

She buys you jewelry: be afraid of the ring.

Rings are very special symbols when exchanged between people. This is why the gift of a ring is usually relegated to close family or romantic partners. She’ll have a rationale for why she bought it for you. That’s the scary part.

She gets angry when you suggest finding a date for her or yourself.

The worst sign your hag is more interested in you than finding a boyfriend. If she does not want you to find someone you may really want to ask yourself why.

Don’t let her neediness stand in the way of your happiness. Keep healthy boundaries with your hag if you want to continue your relationship in the long term. These relationships can be fragile, and are often volatile. Beware.


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