Horror Movie Review: The Caretaker

The movie The Caretaker is described as a Halloween teen scream. This movie is available on Netflix, which appropriately gives it a one star rating. What was most surprising, were the actual celebrities that were buried in the credits.

Caretaker is a formula movie. Teens stuck in an abandoned house with a deranged killer stalking them from outside. This is certainly not a new premise, nor did this film make any attempt to really push the boundary on it. Many of the extras are bad actors. The main cast, however, does a good enough job.

The IMDB posting for this movie shows Jennifer Tilly and Judd Nelson on the movie poster. Neither are listed on the Netflix poster, nor are they in the posted cast list. I wonder if they wanted to bury this experience in their past. In any event, both Tilly and Nelson play small (yet poignant) roles in the film.

The main cast consisted of a group of six actors I had never heard of, nor seen before. These mighty six are Kira Verrastro, James Immenkus, Jennifer Freeman, Andrew St. John, Diego J. Torres, and Victoria Vande Vegte. After checking out their IMDB profiles, I still don’t know who they are.

Save your time and watch something else. Can I suggest The Woman?



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