Poly Personality Update IV

This is the most recent update for the Polyamory Personality Survey.  When I began this survey, I expected a greater percentage of the respondents would be Sensory Perceivers. So far, they are lagging behind in the polls. We invite all polyamorous people to complete the survey and send us your results. More information about your privacy included in the survey page!

Intuitive Thinkers [PD: Green] (41%): ENTP = 0% ENTJ = 17% INTP = 7% INTJ = 17%

Intuitive Feelers [PD: Blue] (41%): ENFP = 3% ENFJ = 3% INFP = 21% INFJ = 14%

Sensory Perceivers [PD: Orange] (7%): ESTP = 0% ESFP = 3% ISTP = 0% ISFP = 3%

Sensory Judgers [PD: Gold] (10%): ESTJ = 0% ESFJ = 3% ISTJ = 3% ISFJ = 3%

Gender: Male = 55% Female = 45%

Extraverts = 31%
Introverts = 69%

Intuitives = 83%
Sensors = 17%

Thinkers = 45%
Feelers = 55%

Perceivers =38%
Judgers = 62%


At this point in the survey several patterns are emerging. Firstly, it appears that the majority of poly people identify as Intuitives. Secondly, poly people have a tendency toward Introversion. Third and Fourth, poly people have a leaning toward Feeling and Judging. This would make the archetype of polyamory (at this point) to be INFJ.

Interestingly, in the survey results of Intuitive Feelers, INFJ was second to INFP.

To participate, visit the Poly Survey. We look forward to your results!


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  1. Your results reflect that Ni-dominant types(infj.intj), making up 31% of your sample so far, have a disproportionate leaning towards Poly identification. This could be because Introverted Intuition is the Jungian function that is most internally creative and permissive, seeing things more or less symbolically versus literally. When combined with the inferior Extraverted Sensation function of these types, the result may be an interest in experiences that are considered to be taboo.

    Interestingly, your results seem to back up what I thought to be true, with the exception of the high proportion of INFP types. INFPs are dominant in Introverted Feeling, a judgement function that personalizes ethics. INFPs seem to reject cultural taboos because of 1) there dominant judging orientation and 2) their inferior Introverted Sensation which considers past precedent and tradition. Many of the “INFPs” who have voted may very well be ISFPs. This would make more sense since ISFPs share the exact same functions as INTJs but in a different order.


  2. Reblogged this on polyinvt and commented:
    This is an interesting poll they are doing. I contributed our types to the poll (INFP- husband and boyfriend; ENFJ- wife/girlfriend; INFJ- myself). I definitely feel like certain types are far more likely to participate in poly or to prefer poly over swinging, if engaging in nonmonogamy at all. I also think our ‘polycule’ mixes and matches and connects so well because of our types. Food for thought.

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