Poly Personality Update III

This is the most recent update for the Polyamory Personality Survey. Updates include more female respondents, the emergence of sensory judgers on the survey, and one personality type pulling into the lead! We invite all polyamorous people to complete the survey and send us your results. More information about your privacy included in the survey page!

Intuitive Thinkers [PD: Green] (41%): ENTP = 0% ENTJ = 18% INTP = 5% INTJ = 18%

Intuitive Feelers [PD: Blue] (45%): ENFP = 5% ENFJ = 5% INFP = 23% INFJ = 14%

Sensory Perceivers [PD: Orange] (9%): ESTP = 0% ESFP = 5% ISTP = 0% ISFP = 5%

Sensory Judgers [PD: Gold] (5%): ESTJ = 0% ESFJ = 0% ISTJ = 0% ISFJ = 5%

Gender: Male = 45% Female = 55%

Extraverts = 32%
Introverts = 68%

Intuitives = 86%
Sensors = 14%

Thinkers = 41%
Feelers = 59%

Perceivers =41%
Judgers = 59%


At this point in the survey several patterns are emerging. Firstly, it appears that the majority of poly people identify as Intuitives. Secondly, poly people have a tendency toward Introversion. Third and Fourth, poly people have a leaning toward Feeling and Judging. This would make the archetype of polyamory (at this point) to be INFJ.

Interestingly, in the survey results of Intuitive Feelers, INFJ was second to INFP.

To participate, visit the Poly Survey. We look forward to your results!


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