Polyamory in Children of the Mountain

The Children of the Mountain series (currently two books, with a promised third in the works) written by Kyle Richtig focuses on the human survivors of a future environmental collapse. The survivors live without contact with other groups, save for bands of marauders.

The first book of the series, Bakkai, introduces Jonas, the protagonist who grows up in a rigid society in the ruins of a city. The survivors of The Great Extinction in Jonas settlement are religious zealots, that have turned from exploration and change toward intolerance and xenophobia. Jonas does not share the world view of his companions and sets off to find the mysterious Deserters, a group of individuals who left his city before the world changed.

In Jonas’ travels he finds a loosely organized group of people who welcome him into their society. The book received its name from the first village Jonas visits, Bakkai. The inhabitants of Bakkai expose Jonas to family groups headed by either heterosexual or homosexual parents, open relationships, and hedonism. Jonas finds himself embroiled in the internal politics as he finds his first male lover and himself becomes a symbol of a new era.

Jonas meanders his way through understanding the Children of the Mountain, from establishing a primary relationship, to exploring sexual relationships outside of his primary. Jonas’ journey of self discovery is peppered by his own self-doubt and reassurances. Acclimating to his new surroundings is a battle between the persona he was forced into and that he is reaching to become.

The Lost One, book two of The Children of the Mountain series focuses on Cloud. Jonas meets Cloud as the head of the spiritual order. Diametrically opposed to Jonas, Cloud embarks on her own journey in The Lost One. On her journey Cloud experiences another form of relationship: polygamy.

The books thus far released in the Children of the Mountain series have not only explored the sexual freedom of open relationships, but also the complex emotions and actions that follow. Jonas’ experience is that freedom does not necessarily free you from the expectations of others. These books are perfect for anyone who may be interested in understanding more about the polyamory experience, or for those who wish to see themselves represented in fiction.

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  1. Found this via Poly in the Cities. It sounds good. I’m definitely going to add it to my Good Reads and check it out. Thanks for posting. 🙂


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