The Poly Life App

I was very excited when I first read about the availability of The Poly Life app. I have been searching for a software that might be able to accommodate the needs of our family, so that we could coordinate calendars, to do’s etc. We have been using a shared Google calendar for some time now, trying to make this work. Unfortunately, no one is responsible for the data and it often gets lost in the shuffle.

And then cam The Poly Life. Here are the major points of the app:

1. The ability to add partners and rank them based on:

  • sexually bonded
  • fluid bonded
  • emotionally bonded

2. Multi-user/partner chat – much like a regular multi-chat text messaging platform, but contained within the application.
3. Shared calendar.
4. To do lists.
5. Fun events – this is separate from calendar items, and is likely meant for coordinating larger events with family and friends.
6. Agreements – these are relationship agreements and/or rules made between partners and groups.
7. Map – shows what is around you for coffee shops, grub (restaurants), bars and sex shops. I don’t know if the inclusion of sex shops in the list of parameters helps the cause of understanding that polyamory is more than sex.
8. References:

    • The Poly Life on Facebook
    • Poly terms
    • Polyamory: Married and Dating

This is clearly not an exhaustive list of polyamory resources. Users can include their own resources that can be shared between partners.

What I think is missing from the initial version of the app:

1. Profile info. Partners are only able to identify themselves with a picture. I wish the picture could lead you into a profile section on each user. This may be useful especially for larger families. It could give existing partners an additional tool to understand newer partners who have deeper relationships with only one partner. Profile indicators could also include food restrictions for planning get togethers.
2. Shared contacts/numbers. A place for family info such as doctor contact information, family of origin information (i.e. John’s Mom) for emergencies. For example, if Edward was to have an emergency, I do not have a contact number directly to his father.

I honestly think this app has a great deal of potential, and will do much better when feedback from poly families is submitted. Kudos for reaching and serving an otherwise under-serviced market.

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