3 Men, No Luck

The past two weeks have been a disturbing twist of events. I was nearing the end of my tether yesterday, but have since been able to see the bright side again. This may be chalked up to karma, as I (or we) may have been terrible in a format life.

Here is the list of fun times we had:

1. Our 50″ plasma TV died, seemingly without cause. We all watched a show together, and got busy doing other things when it was over. When we went back to the TV later, it would not turn on.

2. There was a complication with my funding request for school, pushing back my start date from November 1st to January 1st.

3. Our youngest rat Tara died. We assume she may have been pregnant and died due to complications.

4. Thursday night Charles asked me to come and start the shower for him. The handles sometimes stick, so I obliged, but found that the hot water handle was stripped and needed to be replaced. This was, of course, after Home Depot had closed. I had to go to Home Depot @ 7:30 the next morning to ensure we could all shower.

5. Charles and I worked together Friday night and Saturday morning (45 minutes away), which made for a long back to back set of shifts. It was raining, and when our Saturday shift was over, the windshield wipers spontaneously stopped working. We braved the rain without wipers and made it home. We had planned to attend a Hallowe’en party that night. Because the wipers were out, and the forecasters were calling for snow, and the party was an hour away, we missed the party.

6. After sending in our regrets for the Hallowe’en party, I discovered that the furnace was no longer working. Since it was late Saturday, we could not get anyone to come out until Monday.

7. Our turtle Alti miraculously climbed out of her enclosure and crashed to the ground (unharmed).

8. Later than night we received a call from animal control. While I had worked on the furnace, Charles took the dogs out, but did not bring Clara back in. She was found wandering the city in the rain.

9. Sunday was the day of extreme spillage. My drinks kept being spilt, and only sometimes by me.

10. Trying to leave for work on Monday, I could not find the car keys. Because work is 45 minutes away, there was no alternative transportation. Keys were found seconds after calling in to say that I couldn’t find them (30 minutes after starting to look).

We are now cautiously moving forward. Edward and I are supposed to visit Sault Ste. Marie in a few days, and I hope it all goes well.


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