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Seizing the day never seemed so frightening.

Today I was moved to write.  I had been kicking around the idea of starting a blog over the past few weeks after writing articles for  The articles are employment related and not entirely that exciting – unless you are in job search mode.  So, since there is much more I wish to speak to and of, I though it was time to bow in gracefully to the blog world.

My dog Clara (a six and a half year old beagle), starting having seizure activity this summer.  It all started interestingly enough with a sliver caught in her mouth.  The sliver raised her anxiety level enough to initiate the activity.  After taking her to the vet, she was diagnosed (as is common with beagles) as likely having a genetic history containing epilepsy.  After the sliver was removed and she was given some valium, Clara and her seizures settled down.  She continued to have very small episodes every four to six weeks, which were considered minor.

This all changed this weekend when the frequency intensified.  Clara started experiencing seizures every four hours, and with such power, I was certain she was bound to injure herself.  The vet had cautioned me not to worry about the seizures as long as Clara had enough time to “recover” between them, so I continued to monitor and try and make her as comfortable as possible.  This was difficult with a six month old puppy in the house!

Today the seizures hit their peak every 45 minutes, which did not give her the time to recover.  I, of course, feared the worst and thought that I was going to have to pickaxe my way through the frosty ground by the end of the day.  I am definitely for medical treatment for animals; however, it often seems cruel to me to make them undergo procedures that are often more for our benefit than ours.

Clara did see the vet, and fortunately was brought down from her fevered pitch of seizures with valium.  She’s now been prescribed Phenobarbitol to control the seizures.  This should be the management cure we are looking for.  There is a chance that there is a thyroid issue, which we are awaiting the test result for.  The vet hopes it is a thyroid issue.  I just hope the seizures go away.

I was overwhelmed with the fear of having to put Clara down today.  It taught me something about myself that I had left unexamined.  I jump to the worst case scenario regardless of the situation.  This is one to grow on.

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