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Jeremy left this morning to go to California yet again. I was looking forward to having the house to myself, but after having him around for the last three weeks non-stop, I was lonely when I got home. I miss him already.

I’ve been working full time now all week, and I haven’t really noticed the burn yet. I have notice like I feel that I don’t have enough time at home anymore, now that I’m gone most of the day. It is nice though working so close to home, as I don’t have to waste so much time commuting.

I’ve been working on some songs, as I desperately try and fit in some guitar playing. It’s been hard with Jeremy around all the time, as I prefer, as does he, that I play alone. I got an e-mail from Andrew after he listened to one of my songs. It took him forever to get it as he only has dial up, but he apparently enjoyed it. It was nice to hear his feedback, as he is quite talented.

I was thinking about my grandmother today, who I saw when I was in the Soo a few weeks ago. She is 79, and kind of getting crazier with age. She often talks about dying, and how she’s ready for it, but even so, sometimes you can see the panic and fear in her eyes. I hope that I’m ready for death when it comes.

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