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Today we went out to look at cars this morning. We went to seven or eight dealerships, and it was incredibly draining. We ran into a really bad salesman that had a frightening blond mullet, cowboy boots, and an open white denim shirt. He was hovering over me and I couldn’t deal with it.

We went to one of the millions, wherein I actually found a car I liked. It’s a 1999 Hyundai Accent, which is red, and seems well taken care of. I took it for a test drive, and think that it might be the car for me if I can get it. i don’t have much of a down payment right now, so we’ll see what they want from me.

This afternoon we went to the movies. I went to see The Village, which was not what I was expecting. It was pretty well done, but was somewhat predictable. It was a let down.

Yesterday I found out that I will be starting full time on Monday instead of the 30th. This should help in the car endeavour as well. I’m going to be teaching English in the morning, and English and Math in the afternoon. I taught Math on Thursday, which went fine, so I’m not really worried about anything.

When will Kate be moving here?

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