We went to Marianne’s tonight for a barbeque, which was nice. I enjoy having other people cook for me. I also enjoyed the free BTs. Jeremy and I helped to clean the pool so I think we are all even.

My student didn’t show up today for school, which didn’t make my day go any faster. I spent most of my time today making new flash cards and learning some new courses. It was incredibly boring so I listened to the new Cure CD during the ordeal. It was much better than the last time I listened to it, which was a perk today.

When I got home Jeremy was still out with Craig, so I got to play some guitar by myself. I enjoyed that, as I haven’t had any time to play guitar for awhile. Jeremy will be whisking off to California again next Wednesday, so I will have some time again to play and work on some music.

Jeremy’s off to Haliburton tomorrow, so maybe I’ll fit in some guitar and reading.

I have no student again tomorrow, which is going to be terrible. Wish me luck!


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