Kyle Richtig Journal


I am a loser, as I didn’t realize that when I put pictures in here, they would be automatically uploaded into my livejournal. Well they were not that exciting anyway.

I just got off the phone with K8 Mitchell, (not a huge surprise), and she read me some stuff out of her old journals. Apparently she is big into making lists about herself and other bizarre topics. I found out all of the people she would trust her life with, which was frightening. I wouldn’t want to imagine which people I would trust my life with.

I just tried to call Jeremy, as I don’t feel like I’ve had enough contact with him over the past few days. I did talk to him today, but it was really only about boarding Clara, and how we were going to get too the Soo next week. Unfortunately his internet isn’t working right now, so he’s spending most of the time at the pool with a friend. I hope he’s having a good time.

The last time I really talked to him, he was telling me that he’s doesn’t really care anymore if he moves to California or not. I’m not sure why, as he was so gung ho about it before. Perhaps it is taking too long for them to get back to him, so he’s losing interest. It doesn’t matter to me any longer which happens, but I am realizing that I don’t enjoy being alone all the time.

I’m currently struggling to find a job, while at the same time sliding farther and farther into debt. I’ve applied to a few jobs that really interested me in the past few days, and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon. I’m afraid that they aren’t going to start calling people until next week , and I’ll miss the call.

Maybe some herbs are in order.

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