Well I’ve been alone now for two weeks, and have another week to go before Jeremy comes home. I’ve had a few visits, K8E came to visit on Sunday, and she took me back to Toronto for the afternoon. Yesterday Marianne came and picked me up and I hung out with her and Krissy for the night. It was nice, as there had been so many days with no human contact.

Unfortunately, I made a bit of a boo boo last night. I took a cab home last night after hanging out with Marianne, and I had a few too many refreshments while there. The cab driver was really into talking to me, but unfortunately, I could not hear him very well as both back windows were open. Anyway he was talking about going sky diving and playing paintball and stuff, so I just laughed along with his stories. Well he said something I couldn’t hear, so I just laughed and said, “Really that’s funny!”. and he looked into the rearview mirror and said, “No really, I lost my wife to cancer in June.” I didn’t know what to say, so just told him I was sorry to hear it.

Tonight was crappy, as I had no internet for the last few hours. I’d been waiting for an e-mail back from Andrew Spice, which has never come. I e-mailed him at the e-mail on his page, and he e-mailed me back once. I then e-mailed him back on the different address he responded on, but never received a response. I e-mailed him again the next day, and did not receive a response again. I had lost all hope until today, when my first e-mail was sent back to me. So I sent the first e-mail again to the first address that I knew worked. I am afraid that the two e-mails I sent scared him off and maybe he blocked me which made the bounce back. We’ll see.

Since I had nothing to do tonight, I wrote a new song. Here are the lyrics for those interested:


Did you really have to die
For the love of only one man
Did your flowers console you
Did you ever wonder why
He was never to return


Oh I know
Where you’ve been
To hell and back

Did you really have to leave
The only home you’ve ever known
You were never enough
For god nor man
Maybe you were too much


You never thought
He would chase you across the world
If he only loved you
When he had you to himself
You would never have abandoned him


Another song… at least I’m doing something productive with all the time on my hands.

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